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Getting clients to pay is perhaps the most difficult task facing most tax and accounting professionals. It takes up the valuable time of you and your staff. And the printing, postage and bookkeeping involved take a chunk out of your margins.

Well, now you don’t have to waste time and money on AR functions for any client who’s getting a tax refund. TaxWise FeeCollect™ lets you deduct your tax preparation fees directly from your clients’ refunds.

All you have to do is file the return electronically and have the client sign a simple authorization allowing you to take out your fees. The bank does the rest, depositing your fees directly to your designated bank account and depositing the remainder of the refund directly to the client’s account.

It doesn’t get any easier…or any more automatic. And best of all, you pay only $15 per tax return for this service—far less than it would cost you to collect your fees from a slow-paying client.

This is not a loan. The funds are deposited only when the IRS pays the refund, which is normally within 10 to 14 days of filing the return. If the IRS withholds the refund for some reason, then you don’t pay for the FeeCollect service.

TaxWise FeeCollect…just another way that TaxWise is helping you build your practice and your profits.

**FeeCollect is not available to tax preparers who offer bank products.**

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